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Keeping up the tradition, growing up new ideas

garciaBallester is much more than a fruit exporter and producer. We have tradition, a family name and experience of being the oldest company in the sector.

We are and we must continue to be a corporate group that is based on tradition and evolution. We have to progress and continue to grow, upholding our references and our roots that have helped us get where we our today. We value and promote new ideas and growth, but we never forget our origins, our roots and our tradition.

About us

Don’t worry, eat citrus

MM kg

Of citrus exported to Western Europe, U.S, Canada, Eastern Europe, Asia, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

MM €

In sales, corresponding the 90% to exportation.

own production

We farm, harvest, pack and commercialise our own fruit.

research and development

Leaders in export
of citrus fruits

Our company has successfully improved with the pass of years with more experience and counts with an excellent operational system. That gives to our products the highest quality in the market.

We put all our effort on a continuous improvement, because we want to give to our clients the best solutions with our best quality. garciaBallester keeps investing in market research and development.

garciaballester group

Enviromental care

In this continuous dedication to assure the quality of our products, garciaBallester has a large quality control department.

Varieties development

Our aim is to offer our clients a wide commercial catalog, but, most importantly, to focus on those varieties that evolve thanks to research and offer the final consumers products that adapt to their tastes and needs.

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