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garciaballester group

A benchmark brand in the sector

garciaBallester was set up in 1907; now we have more than 100 years of expertise, knowledge and tradition behind us. The changes from generation to generation have added value, renewed the company and helped it evolve and grow. Nowadays we are a very well-established company, a benchmark brand in the sector with highly skilled professionals.

garciaBallester is a citrus producer and supplier. Being a citrus producer and supplier allows us to have a permanent control over the quality of our products. A product oriented to food safety, hygiene, and zero waste.

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The garciaBallester team

Jorge García Vicent


Jorge García Monfort

Deputy Directo-General

Jaime Petit

Head of the National Dpt. and Dalt

Patricia Castells

Sales Executive
garciaballester group

A committed team

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