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Satsuma mandarins are the first ones to be harvested. garciaBallester has two varieties: Satsuma and Okitsu. These varieties are available from mid-September to late November. Satsuma mandarin has a greenish and yellowish colour with some shades of orange. It is also important to underline that despite having a think bumpy skin it can be easily removed.

Packaging styles

Our company has substantially improved over the years, gaining experience and know-how in logistics. Therefore, our products offer the highest quality in the market. We put all our efforts on continuous improvement, in order to provide our customers with the best solutions and the best quality. Today, garciaBallester offers almost all types of manufactures.

  • Todos
  • Girsac
  • Net bags
  • Todos
  • Carton box
  • Returnable PVC
  • Wooden box
  • Todos
  • Carton
  • mdf
  • Wood
  • Todos
  • Flow pack
  • Jute bag
  • M-pack


Caqui Persimmon