Oranges are the citrus by excellence. garciaBallester has this fruit from early November to late May, as it commercialises different varieties, such as early Naveline or late Navelate. In addition to these two varieties, garciaBallester sells Washington Navel and Lanonato.

The varieties that are not for juice and that Group garciaBallester commercialises can be classified into two groups: Navel oranges and Valencia oranges or Late.



Also known in Spain as Blanca, it is one of the sweet oranges. It is characterised by not having the navel formation or red pigment, its good yellow-orange colour juice, but it is also ideal as orange table.

In this group of oranges for fruit production, garciaBallester commercialises 2 varieties perfect for juice production, such as:


This orange is from medium size to big, rounded and/or slightly flattened. It has thin skin, and its flesh is seedless, but it has a great amount of sweet juice.


It is the latest variety on the market, as its name indicates. They are very juicy and sweet with a slight acidity. They are smaller in size than the previous one, it means, they are medium size and round-shaped.